A lower energy bill, who would not want that? Research has shown that the largest cost item on the energy bill is conventional field lighting. Since 2015, developments in LED field lighting have become so interesting that more and more clubs are switching to LED lighting. Numerous subsidies are also available, for example the national RVO subsidy (up to 30% subsidy). As a result, the average payback period is well below 10 years and is therefore a smart investment for both the short and long term.


Hockey CC can guide you in the process of switching to LED lighting. Thanks to independent partners we can advise in the range of top brands LED lighting. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can completely unburden you, independent of LED manufacturer and installer. In addition, we can offer support for financing issues and when applying for subsidies.















Advantages of LED field lighting:

  • Up to 65% energy saving

  • Higher light output

  • Whiter light (daylight approach)

  • Can often be applied to existing masts

  • Long lifespan

  • Less maintenance costs

  • No long start-up time, immediately on and off

  • Switchable and can be switched per half

  • Easy to operate via PC, tablet or smartphone



  • Cost savings thanks to energy saving

  • Savings on replacement costs

  • Saving on maintenance costs

  • Saving on contracted power (lower connection value)


National subsidy:

  • 15% on material costs for foundations

  • 30% on material costs for associations

  • An average of 13.5% Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) for companies


Our step-by-step plan:

1. Inventory of the current situation

2. Independent advice with lighting plan and savings case

3. Support for subsidy and financing

4. Installation and delivery

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