Because of our extensive experience with hockey clubs we have concluded that every club arranges the same things for themselves, want to discover the same things and are searching for the same right way.

How can we join forces, prevent us from reinventing the same wheel and that we can benefit from each other's knowledge and expertise. How can we make it easier for clubs to make progress, even though people may not have the time to prepare well, to make a plan and / or implement it.

That is the reason for the creation of Hockey CC.

Maartje Fleuren
Managing Partner

Maartje Fleuren - Linkedin

Managing Partner Hockey CC

Specialism: Club Management, Sponsoring, Club merger, Construction Accommodation, EHL, Legal Affairs, Events

Onno Pelser
Managing Partner

Onno Pelser - Linkedin

Managing Partner Hockey CC

Specialism: Media, Partners, Marketing, Strategy, Sport, Tech Development, Innovation

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